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SYNC Team: Ally Cornelius - Summer update!

Hey everyone, Ally here! I’ve been busy so far this summer and traveling to a few places. I started out with a two week camp at Mammoth Mountain in California. I trained with the Aspen FIS program which I enjoyed immensely. I rocked all my SYNC gear as usual. It was a tech based camp which allowed me to try out some new Volkls for next year! I am very glad I attended because I made huge improvements and had a great time with my team!

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Junior Team America: Jacob Dilling - #whatsschool?

It's your boy Jacob here, currently chilling out in the Mexican sun, but it's not really sunny here. That's alright, making the most of it. I had a good season. You win some you lose some. Didn’t quite stay healthy all year. Had a thumb surgery but it's all good now. I kept skiing and that’s all I needed. I started the year out in Ushuaia. Then kinda went everywhere from there #whatsschool? Ended the year out in Sugarloaf, Maine with Nationals and that was alright, even though I didn’t ski my best. Fun fact: In the GS race at Sugarloaf I skied around a course worker because I wasn’t really feeling getting a rerun since the course was deteriorating super fast. I spent a lot of time in the icy east and went to Canada a couple times. I didn’t realize how lucky I am to live in Vail, Colorado with my lovely mother who takes care of me and supports me in my ski racing. Throughout my travels, I met a lot of cool inspirational people that have really taught me how important it is to stay focused and persevere through cold races, for example, Panorama. Now that was a cold race, -18F!

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