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Will following the "10,000 hour rule" make you a top ski racer?

The 10,000 Hour Rule and Deliberate Practice

By Kris Ochs | Dec 23, 2018

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Meet Sync's Partners: The Kelly Brush Foundation

Kelly Brush was born to be an elite athlete. From an early age, she showed exceptional drive playing soccer and softball in the warmer months and participating in gymnastics, swimming, and alpine ski racing in the snowy Vermont winters. As the daughter of two accomplished alpine racers, it was no surprise that Kelly fell in love with the sport. She put on her first skis at 2½ and competed for the first time at age 7. Then, in her junior and senior years of high school, she qualified for the U.S. National Championships.

By Geof Ochs | Dec 20, 2018

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Meet Sync's Partners: The High Fives Foundation

In the last decade, the High Fives Foundation has gained widespread acclaim among mountain athletes. Even more impressive, they’ve managed to become a common thread of connection and hope between a variety of athletes, outdoor sports communities, and charitable initiatives. If you’ve missed the hype about High Fives, here’s why they’ve made such a strong impression on so many—including SYNC.

By Geof Ochs | Dec 18, 2018

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Insiders Guide to Ski Racing Dartmouth Skiway: Worden's with Foreste Peterson

From small local hills to mega resorts, we bring you the insiders guide, where SYNC Athletes share secrets to success and local knowledge about mountain and race trails they know best.

By SYNC HQ | Dec 14, 2018

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