Top 5 things to have in place for successful preseason training

As snow approaches and training ramps up, these five things will help you be prepared to make the most out of your preseason.

1.) Concrete, written, realistic but challenging goals for your season and also mini goals to accomplish during this particular preseason camp- write them down, discuss with your coach(es) to determine the steps you are going to take to reach them, determine what changes you’ll need to make in your current day to day to get you where you want to go.

training log

2.) Dial in your equipment: Skis ground and prepped, dins and forward pressure checked, boot canting in place, lenses are clean and unscratched, all zippers and buttons on apparel work, etc. Getting all this in place before you arrive at your preseason training venue will ensure you can focus 100% on you training and not be distracted by you gear.

3.) Begin your hydration and proper nutrition well before arriving at the training venue. Your performance can be affected, positively or negatively, by what you put into your body weeks before you need to perform at your highest level. Research what sources of nutrition will be available to you during your camp and plan accordingly to get what you need to be successful. This might mean packing snacks from home to bring on the hill. Also, always bring a water bottle (or two) to have on the hill during training, especially since many preseason training venues are at increased altitude and you’ll need the extra hydration.

4.) Establish a Recovery plan for after training: rest, hydration, nutrition, stretching, meditating, visualizing, yoga, foam rolling, spinning, running, whatever works for you and your time schedule. Set boundaries for yourself for getting adequate rest while away from home and your routine.

5.) Connect with your support system: coaches, sports psych, physical trainer, academic support, parents, friends, whomever they might be. Make sure they’re all looped in on your goals for the season in order to help you achieve them.

Is there anything you would add? Let us know in the comments.