4 Steps to Choosing Size and Fit of a New Ski Race Suit

Editor's Note: This post was originally published June 17th, 2017 and has recently been updated and revised for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Everyone knows how exciting it is when that race suit shows up on the doorstep. We want to help you find the perfect fit right away! If not - no fear, you can return your new suit for the right fit within 30 days for free.

1. Always Fit for height first.

Suits can always stretch out, but they will never get taller. When you look at the SYNC size chart it is most important to make sure you fit within the height range. Also keep in mind how far your boot comes up on your shin, so after you try on your new suit and it comes up midway through your ankle that’s OK and normal it’s meant to fit like that and not like a pair of jeans.

2. Check the butt area.

One of the tell-tale signs for a proper fit is the buttocks region. You can immediately tell if a race suit is too big if there is loads of extra fabric surrounding your glutes.

3. If you are in between sizes, think about your growth trend.

Ask yourself, are you still growing? If so, you may want to size up. If you are entering FIS and will most likely stop growing height wise and might only gain muscle mass, then you may want to stick with the smaller suit. Remember suits can stretch out, but don’t get taller.

4. How does it feel in a tuck position?

The pattern of a race suits is anatomically designed so that it fits the athlete in an athletic position. After you win the battle and get the suit on, get down in a tuck position and see how it feels. Jump around and move, in the history of ski racing, we have never seen a ski racer when they are training or racing in a static position.

Keep these things in mind as you compare your old suit size to the one you are looking at purchasing and you'll have a great chance of nailing the fit! Now that you know how to find the perfect tip, it's time to find the perfect race suit. Check out the SYNC store to find the best race suits designed and tested by racers.

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Geof is the head of product and design at SYNC. A former NCAA racer at Boston College, he now focuses on back-country skiing and endurance mountain biking in his free time.